w/o Lucido 2020

Award Winner

Gilbert & Gaillard International Competition
Gold – 2022

Gilbert & Gaillard International Competition
88pts – 2022

Here’s a dazzling Sicilian white you can feel really good about drinking. Named w/o (without), it’s born from our belief that you should be able to enjoy great wine knowing that it’s been crafted naturally and sustainably. 100% enjoyment, without compromise.

The man behind it? Third-generation winemaker Dino Taschetta. He makes some of our best-selling Sicilian wines and recently rescued his grandfather’s old vineyard after a major earthquake forced its abandonment more than 50 years ago. Now, he’s doing his part to save the environment, too.

Dino crafted w/o from organically grown, sustainably farmed Lucido grapes (a true Sicilian specialty). But he didn’t stop there. Dino also made the wine vegan and used eco-friendly packaging—we’re talking sustainable corks, recycled ‘Wild Glass’ (which has a unique green tint) and minimal labeling, so your bottle is easy to recycle. And clearly, he’s hit the mark. Not only is it one of the most irresistible Italian whites we’ve tried in a long time, it also won a shiny gold medal.

But what does this Lucido taste like? Absolutely delicious. Look forward to ripe peach, vibrant citrus and subtle almond aromas and flavors. Elegant and fresh, it makes a lovely aperitivo or a tasty match for simple pastas, white meats or seafood.





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