The Mission Sauvignon Blanc 2019

THE WINE Long before it became a haven for grape growing,
California’s Santa Barbara County was home to several Spanish
missions. Inspired by this heritage, The Mission is an expressive,
ethereal Sauvignon Blanc. Crafted with grapes grown along the
coastline – during the excellent 2019 vintage, no less – it overflows
with thrillingly ripe tropical fruit and citrus zest characters. Whether
you serve it as a cool aperitif or with a meal, this exclusive
Sauvignon Blanc is guaranteed to impress.

THE GRAPE Taking off in popularity in the last 30 years,
Sauvignon Blanc has traveled a long way from its spiritual home in
France’s Loire Valley. Most notably, it’s taken on new life in
Marlborough, New Zealand (where it’s famous for intensely
concentrated, grassy/citrus flavors) and in California (where it
develops vibrant, tropical-fruit notes). It’s often favored as a crisper,
more refreshing alternative to rich, oaky Chardonnays, and can offer
more zippy, exhilarating character than Pinot Grigio.

THE REGION Santa Barbara County’s earliest
vines were planted in the 1960s. But after the
success of Firestone in the ’70s, the total number of
acres under vine boomed. Today, about 24,000 acres
are dedicated vineyard space. The area’s moderate
temperatures result in longer grape “hang time.” This
extended period ripening on the vine creates serious
depth and complexity of flavor.

WITH FOOD Looking for a refreshing aperitif?
Pour an icy-cool glass of this Sauvignon Blanc. The
Mission is also a ‘heavenly’ partner for a variety of
foods. Before dinner, try tangy goat cheese (the
classic match), hummus and crackers, or a crisp
Caesar salad. For the main course, go for seafood
(anything from seared scallops to oven-roasted
tilapia will be tasty) or grilled white meats.


United States


Sauvignon Blanc


Santa Barbara