Saserello 2020

From the sun-drenched island of Sicily and world-class Italian winemaker Mario Ercolino, Saserello is a flavor-packed sensation. In addition to its lengthy award pedigree (including dozens of gold medals from the likes of Berliner Wine Trophy and Mundus Vini), it’s also a BIG customer favorite.

Mario refers to it as his ‘Super Sicilian’ – his take on the sought-after ‘Super Tuscan’ style that’s popular (and significantly more expensive) up north. The grapes are grown on Sicily’s rocky coast (the name Saserello is derived from ‘sassi,’ which means ‘stones’), and for the blend, there’s no set recipe. Mario simply tastes (and re-tastes) until it’s perfect. As all the past acclaim indicates, the approach works!

What’s so ‘Super’ about it? The addition of international Cabernet, Merlot, and Syrah to Italian native star Sangiovese. In Menfi, on Sicily’s east coast, the mineral-rich soils impart deep, complex flavors to Cabernet and Merlot. And over at Mario’s seaside estate in Sciacca, sun-worshipping Syrah and Sangiovese thrive. The hot sun and warm sea breezes give the fruit a pleasing, ‘full-throated’ ripeness – all made deliciously smooth by a six-month slumber in fine American oak.

Look forward to mouthfuls of sun-baked dark fruit, spicy black pepper and toasty vanilla. It’s a tasty partner for hearty red and game meats, rich vegetarian dishes and full-flavored cheeses.




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