RedHeads Whip-Hand Cabernet Sauvignon 2015

Award Winner

International Wine Awards
Silver Medal – 2017 ES

China Wine & Spirits Best Value Awards
Trophy Trophy – 2018 CN

China Wine & Spirits Best Value Awards
Double Gold Medal – 2018 CN

Catavinum World Wine & Spirits Competition
Gold Medal – 2018 ES

It all started a little more than 10 years ago, with elite winemakers ‘moonlighting’ in a makeshift winery (formerly an Indian restaurant) in McLaren Vale. By day, they made huge volumes for big-name brands, knowing the wines could be much better – if it wasn’t for shareholders demanding tens of thousands of cases. By night, these quality-driven winemakers brought precious handfuls of grapes to practice their craft at RedHeads, where excellence in the bottle is the only ‘bottom line.’ And the acclaim soon followed …

“96 points … if it said Napa Valley on the label, you could multiply the price times six.”
– The Wine Advocate on Whip-Hand 2005

That Wine Advocate quote is a testament to the caliber of wines that continue to come out of the RedHeads Studio. If you’re quick, you can be among the few who get to taste the latest chapter of the sought-after Whip-Hand – among all its acclaim, it boasts a double-gold medal and the 'Barossa Wine of the Year' trophy from the China Wine and Spirits Awards, plus gold from the Catavinum Wine & Spirits Competition.

Metaphorically speaking, a ‘whip-hand’ is an advantage – the higher ground. And it’s exactly what the RedHeads team had when they returned to the winery with prime, Barossa-grown Cabernet grapes in 2015. Treated to kid-glove winemaking techniques and top-of-the-line French oak barrels, this fine red is ready to impress now and has years ahead of it. Look for heady, ripe red- and black-fruit aromas and flavors, mingling with spicy oak and minty overtones. This is succulent and smooth – a must for steaks, juicy burgers, or just sipped solo.




Cabernet Sauvignon