Pierre Brecht Cuvée Cinq 2020

Award Winner

Gilbert & Gaillard International Competition
Gold – 2021

Some of France’s finest whites hail from Alsace. And here’s your (delicious) proof: a gold-medal exclusive made at a 17th-century family estate.

Located on the eastern edge of France (right on the German border), Alsace is a breathtaking, mountainous region that’s adored by white wine fans the world over. The area’s steep slopes, abundant sunshine (it’s the sunniest appellation in all of France) and the wind-shielding Vosges mountains all help the wines develop ripe, fresh flavors. Riesling is the star grape variety—blended here with another regional favorite, Gewürztraminer, and aromatic Muscat (aka Moscato).

‘Cuvée Cinq’ was crafted by Phillippe Gisselbrecht at his family’s award-winning, 350-year-old cellar. His “Pierre Brecht” label is a special project, launched so he could focus his efforts on producing smaller batches of even higher-quality wine. He selects only the best fruit and gives the grapes a long, slow, chilled fermentation, a technique that extracts loads of fruit character.

Given Phillipe’s attentive winemaking, it should come as no surprise that ‘Cuvée Cinq’ boasts a Gilbert & Gaillard gold medal. With layers of ripe pear, peach and apple flavor, it’s guaranteed to delight on its own or with grilled chicken, fresh seafood or mildly spicy Asian dishes.

Phillippe named the wine ‘Cuvée Cinq’ because it took him five tries to find the perfect blend—he’s that dedicated to quality.




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