Orvini Orvieto Abboccato Classico 2018

What do popes, princes and the ancient Etruscans have in common? They were all fans of Orvieto, a historically renowned white wine from the Italian hilltop town of the same name.

Long treasured by locals, high-quality Orvieto is still relatively new to the U.S. wine scene, so we’re thrilled to bring you an exciting release from the talented Barbi family. And while its name might be a mouthful – Orvini Orvieto Classico Abboccato – we can promise you that each of those words translates to something delicious in your glass.

The Barbis’ estate was founded in 1932, and their Orvini Orvieto is luscious and fragrant with notes of ripe apple, nectarine, white flowers and a touch of almond. ‘Classico’ indicates that it comes from the original, historic zone in Orvieto itself – and is a big step up in quality. ‘Abboccato’ means you’ll enjoy a slightly sweet finish, just like the 6th-century Etruscans …

… they were the first to craft Orvieto wine, and the Abboccato style was influenced by the landscape of the city, which sits on a high plateau of volcanic rock. The Etruscans dug a complex maze of caves for many uses, including the vinification of wine. Cold temperatures stopped the fermentation, leaving a bit of residual sugar in the wine and presto – the Abboccato style was born.

Today, winemakers like Marina Barbi use temperature control to mimic the effects of the chilly caves. She selected refreshing Procanico and the finest Grechetto – the signature white grape of Umbria, the region in which Orvieto is located. Then, for a little extra character, she added Drupeggio, Vermentino and a dash of Malvasia for aromatic lift.




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