Ocellus San Benito Pinot Noir 2014

A peacock displays his feathers when it's time to impress. Our California expert Clare Tooley thinks she may have found a wine world equivalent - this top-value Pinot Noir from a leading Central Coast estate.

Sourced from top-sited vineyards in the primo (but under-the-radar) San Benito district, Ocellus is made by a fourth-generation family – they were looking to clear a little cellar space, and when Clare tasted the barrel-aged 2014 Pinot they offered up, she couldn't refuse it. The only caveat: we were sworn to secrecy on their name, in order to protect their much higher-price reputation.

We can introduce you to the inspiration behind the wine's name and label, however. Frankie the peacock is actually the beloved pet of a friend of Clare's. His strut and gorgeous plumage recall the finesse put into Ocellus (the "eye" pattern on peacock feathers) by the winemakers.

Factoring in the excellent vintage (2014 was a real ringer of a harvest) and you can be sure Ocellus will be a serious show-stopper on your dinner table. Pair it with simple cheese pizza, slow-roasted beef or lamb, or mushroom risotto.


United States


Pinot Noir