Maison SASSY Rosé NA

Walk into any bistro in Normandy, on France’s northern coast, and you’ll find a carafe on every table. But it’ll be filled with cidre (aka cider), not wine. Why? This far north, it’s too chilly to grow grapes, but apples thrive. No wonder Normandy has been home to the world’s finest cidres for centuries.

Cidre runs in the blood of Xavier d’Audiffret Pasqueir’s family. They’ve been crafting it at Château de Sassy since 1852. But Xavier and his business partner, Pierre-Emmanuel Racine-Jourden, are taking quality to new heights, while introducing sustainable farming and stylish new bottles.

Another innovation? Xavier and Pierre know how much people love rosé wine these days, so they set out to create the ultimate rosé cidre. SASSY Rosé is vegan and all-natural—made with 100% apple juice from a top-secret blend of 18 different local varieties. Even better, it won Best Rosé Cider in the World at the Bartenders’ Brand Awards 2020.

And you’ll be among the first in the U.S. to taste it. Although bursting with vibrant, red-fruit flavor, it still has plenty of zip and zing. And thanks to its modest alcohol level (3% ABV) and low calorie count (only 70 per serving!), it’s ready to be poured generously with brunch or alongside dinner. Your food-pairing options are wide open.

100% natural and without added sugars, colourings, additives, preservatives

The Passionate is created in the heart of Normandy, where all our orchards are located near the Château de SASSY. This high quality hand-crafted cidre, whose recipe is inherited from the cidre served at the Château, is based on a meticulous selection of apples, each fruit is hand-picked.

Halfway between a soft cidre and semi-dry cidre, it gives the right balance between fruit and acidity which lets appreciate the apples and red fruits’
aromas. Ideal for the aperitif or with dessert such as sorbet or pastry.
Serve at 8°.

Loam and clays soil – The proximity to the forest gives the apple a distinctive acidity (due to the terroir), reduced by the sweetness of the loam and clays plains.

18 varieties, mainly sweet apple and acidulous apple.

Intense pink. The pink tinge is naturally obtained : it is the result of the pink-fleshed apple used during the production.

Supple on attack, fruity, structured and slightly acidulous. It displays a round texture, closely smooth, with a lasting end mouth.

Apples & red fruits.