Lobster Shack Sauvignon Blanc 2021

If you love Sauvignon Blanc, you’ve got to try this fresh catch from South Africa. It’s a zippy release from the hugely talented Gerhard Swart at the Western Cape’s acclaimed Flagstone Winery.

Gerhard is at the helm of Flagstone Winery and has steered the ship toward a slew of international medals and trophies. For this mouthwatering Sauvignon Blanc, the renowned winemaker teamed up with the talented Chandré Davey to craft a wine that pairs perfectly with the rich, soft sea flavors you’ll find at a lobster shack.

You’ll enjoy ripe citrus and tropical fruit flavors, plus a crisp, fresh palate that combines nettle and gooseberry flavor with a twist of lime. Enjoy with friends, an ocean view and plenty of fresh lobster (or any of your seafood favorites).

Take note: After another small vintage in New Zealand, Wine Mag reports that “vineyards are struggling to keep pace with steadily rising demand” for their Sauvignon Blanc. South Africa offers a very zesty, delicious alternative, so catch your share while you can.


South Africa


Sauvignon Blanc


Western Cape