Elqui River Sauvignon Blanc 2019

When Viña Falernia founder Aldo Olivier and top winemaker Giorgio Flessati declared they would make wine in Chile’s unforgiving Elqui Valley, right next to the Atacama desert, Chilean winemakers called them crazy. Just a decade later, the duo is winning huge awards and making delicious, sophisticated wines – as you’ll taste in their expressive Sauvignon Blanc.

Viña Falernia was the first winery in the Elqui Valley and remains one of its top estates. Giorgio is an expert in high-altitude winemaking, and he’s been key to bringing the world’s attention to the valley. Decanter writes, “Thanks to Giorgio, Elqui is no longer thought of simply as a top region for Pisco [brandy], it’s a most-talked-about valley for fine, well-defined varietal wine.”

So what did Aldo and Giorgio see in this spot? It had the perfect combination of long sunshine hours, cooling ocean breezes, foggy mornings, and fresh Andean snowmelt – the best recipe for ripe aromatics and crisp structure. For their Sauvignon Blanc, Giorgio cool-fermented the handpicked fruit to preserve its aromatic character, then aged it on its lees for added complexity. The resulting wine brims with all the vibrant flavor and freshness you’d expect from top-estate New World Sauvignon Blanc.

Here’s Giorgio on what you’ll enjoy in the glass:
“Outstanding concentration of flavors, with freshly cut grass and elderflower aromas, ripe melon, citrus fruits, and a mineral quality on the palate, balanced by a long, crisp finish. We enjoy Elqui River Sauvignon Blanc chilled, served as an aperitif and as a partner for goat’s cheese, salads, and white fish.”




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