ContraPosto 2020

Award Winnerplus icon #2

Berliner Wine Trophy
Gold – 2022

With roots in Renaissance art (and often used to describe sculptures like Michaelangelo’s famed statue of David), the Italian word contrapposto signifies form and balance. No museums here, but you will experience it in your glass, with this aptly named, artfully blended red, which won a gold medal at Berliner Wein Trophy.

Winemaker Sofia Barbanera keeps the exact grape blend a closely guarded secret (lest she risk imposters), but we can tell you that she traversed the length of Italy—land of more than 1,000 grape varieties—to procure the premium fruit. She ultimately hand-selected signature varieties from Puglia, Sicily and Tuscany, then worked her magic in the cellar at her family’s estate, not far from Tuscany’s prized Montalcino region. In her own words:

“For some time I’d had in mind to craft a single wine from grapes sourced across a number of regions, which together would create a wine far greater than the sum of its parts. I finally found just the grapes with which to do this from three diverse wine regions, which were very carefully blended to create a harmonious, elegant wine.”

Partially barrel-aged in French oak for six months, ContraPosto really does strike a delicious balance between regional styles: the rich, sun-baked reds you get in Italy’s sunny south and Tuscany’s more subtle, elegant wines. Full of expressive cassis and violet aromas and flavors, with a smooth texture and ripe, round mouthfeel, it’s the perfect accompaniment to savory pastas, roasted red meats and full-flavored cheeses.




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