Château Terrebonne Coeur de Cuvée 2017 2017

Award Winner:

Guide des Vins Gilbert et Gaillard
Gold Medal - 2018 FR

It’s true. And when the pink in question is the flagship release from a hugely acclaimed estate and a quality-obsessed winemaker, the sipping is all the better. There's also the historic 2017 vintage to consider – France's smallest harvest since 1945 has left fans of rosé in particular grabbing up all they can in a hurry.

Thanks to the efforts of the talented Hervé Sabardiel, Château Terrebonne has logged over 60 awards in 11 vintages – including a gold medal from France’s prestigious Gilbert & Gaillard for the “Coeur de Cuvée” (the second gold in a row!):

“Pale salmon-pink. Heady nose halfway between flowers and red berry fruits. A generous rosé with a wonderful fleshy framework. Soft, free-flowing weight and lingering, ripe fruits add a lovely sensation of fullness. Ideal for aioli.”

Château Terrebonne is located in the heart of Provence – the rosé capital of the world – and boasts nearly 350 acres of oak trees, olive groves, and (of course) vineyards. The estate’s low-yielding, 40-year-old Grenache and Syrah vines are behind the concentrated flavor intensity you’ll experience in the glass. At harvest time, Hervé insisted on picking the grapes at night, when cooler temperatures seal in maximum freshness and zing.

Hervé was so pleased with the quality of the grapes, he decided to call the wine his coeur de cuvée – a nod to winemakers in Champagne, who reserve the superior juice from the very first grape pressing for their finest wines.

Judging from the rave review from G&G, his instincts were spot on – and now it’s time to taste for yourself.

This classy pink is incredibly food-friendly (try turkey burgers topped with an herb aioli or anything caught fresh from the sea). And thanks to its striking bottle shape, it will impress dinner guests in more ways than one.




Grenache Based Blend