Cabalié Origine 2020

Award Winner

Gilbert & Gaillard International Competition
Gold – 2021

Cabalié began as a crazy idea. Winemaker Hervé Sabardeil wanted to make a red wine in the dark, rich style that ancient Romans once drank in his home, southern France’s Agly Valley. The kind of powerful, yet effortlessly smooth, red that vineyard workers and locals still sip in cafés. As you likely already know, he pulled it off.

Since its inaugural vintage, Cabalié has won thousands of fans among our customers and a serious stack of medals, 90+ point scores and praise from competitions and critics worldwide. Now, for the all-new ‘Origine’ cuvée, Hervé has gone back to where the Cabalié story started...

When he made the original Cabalié, Hervé sourced some of the grapes from special vineyards planted with ancient vines, many over 100 years old. But since these gnarled heirlooms produce precious few grapes, the low supply and expensive prices meant that he couldn’t always get his hands on enough of them. That’s all changed now—when the old grower retired, Hervé finally bought the vineyards.

‘Origine’ is made entirely from the grapes of these prized vineyards—and you can taste the difference in the glass. A classic, oak-aged blend of Carignan, Grenache and Syrah, it offers the richness, power and lusciously mouthfilling texture only ancient vines can provide.

Gilbert & Gaillard judges were so impressed, they awarded it a gold medal and raved: “Heady floral nose of peony and violet with macerated red and black fruits and herbal undertones. A fleshy, juicy wine on the palate with a dense mouthfeel, bold tannins and a youthfulness that is full of life and energy.”




Red Blend


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