CA-BEAR-NAY Cabernet Sauvignon 2020

Award Winner

San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition
Gold Medal – 2019 US

After years of unbearable puzzling, the California grower behind this delicious Cabernet finally solved his vineyard mystery. Each growing season, he noticed whole bunches of Merlot disappearing from his vines. He finally put up a security camera and discovered a family of bears eating the grapes. Because the Merlot ripened first, the bears gobbled it all up, leaving the grower only his Cabernet.

When talented winemaker Matt Praetzel went hunting for the perfect Cabernet grapes for his latest project, he was impressed with the grower’s fruit quality … and even more charmed by the story. After leaving the wine unoaked to allow its pure fruit flavors to shine, he named it CA-BEAR-NAY in honor of those pesky bears. When you taste it, you’ll taste why judges at the 2019 San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition gave it a big gold medal.

Look forward to an exuberant, black-fruit core, with ripe tannins and a lush, juicy mouthfeel. A tasty match for barbecue or hearty stews, this is also smooth enough to enjoy on its own.


United States


Cabernet Sauvignon