Buena Vista The Daredevil 2018

Established in 1857, Buena Vista is California’s first premium winery. Today, the estate is run by the eccentric Jean-Charles Boisset, “who’s pulling out all the stops to create something very special with these wines” (top critic Robert Parker). Jean-Charles and his team have crafted this punch-packing Petite Sirah in honor of Buena Vista’s founder, the self-proclaimed Count, Agoston Haraszthy.

The Daredevil represents the life of the Count who, surrounded by tales of intrigue and political exile, immigrated from Europe to America in pursuit of opportunity and freedom. He became the first sheriff of San Diego County (hence the badge on the label) before moving to Northern California to pursue grape growing. As legend has it, the Count’s life was tragically cut short after being eaten by a crocodile while traversing the jungles of Nicaragua. Yet his pioneering and adventurous spirit remains in this thrilling Petite Sirah.

Thanks to the fantastic 2018 vintage, Jean-Charles and his team had their pick of perfectly ripe Petite Sirah grapes. After extracting maximum flavor from the fruit, they treated the wine to nine months in American and French oak barrels. This time helped round out the tannins and imparted dark cocoa notes to the intense dark berry flavors.


United States


Petite Syrah