Big Hitter Lodi Souzao 2018

Our California expert, Clare Tooley, can’t stop raving about this rare NEW exclusive: “Big Hitter has to be my favorite find of the last six months. California continues to surprise and delight me with varieties I would never imagine anyone having the guts to plant. And this Souzao is fabulous!”

Like the honeybees on the label, the Souzao grape variety might be humble, but it’s capable of big and beautiful things. Originally from Portugal, Souzao has a richly pigmented skin (key to the wine’s trademark deep color) and naturally fresh acidity, which makes it a great choice for adding oomph to blends and for use in Port. In Big Hitter, however, Souzao has been allowed to shine on its own.

The grapes were sourced from Lodi, “one of the top wine regions in the country,” where winemakers “have quietly started producing some of the state’s best wines” ( Lodi’s warm, sunny climate allows the Souzao grapes plenty of time to develop those rich, concentrated flavors. And thanks to the excellent 2018 vintage, the winemaking team had their pick of quality fruit.

Full bodied and luscious, Big Hitter packs a punch of powerful, dark-fruit flavors, supported by intriguing licorice, thyme, and violet notes. It’ll be delicious on its own or when served alongside roasted meats, barbecue dishes, or hearty pastas.


United States