Avvolto Appassimento 2018

Award Winner

Gilbert & Gaillard International Competition
Gold Medal – 2019 FR

The first thing you’ll notice about this lush Italian red is its striking, wrapped-paper label. This unique bottle will definitely make a statement on your dinner table, but just wait until you uncork it. The wine inside is as delicious as the bottle is eye-catching ... no wonder Gilbert & Gaillard judges awarded it a coveted gold medal.

Avvolto hails from southern Italy’s sun-drenched Puglia region, where you’ll find “sensational bargains with real soul,” writes top critic Robert Parker. Winemaker Marco Flacco wanted to create an ultra-rich red, so he opted for the traditional appassimento technique. Marco and team left the grapes on the vine for two weeks longer than normal, giving the flavors more time to concentrate. Then, they hand picked the grapes and brought them back to the cellar, where they were dried on straw mats. This process turns the grapes into raisined knots of seriously intense flavor.

Patient barrel aging completes the recipe, and imparts vanilla-spice characters to the wine’s sumptuous plum, raisin, and blackberry notes. A rare blend of Italian natives Negroamaro and Malvasia, plus international stars Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon, Avvolto will delight with firm, aged cheeses, roasted game meats, or hearty pastas.




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