Ascencion Torrontés 2020

“Torrontés has been touted as the hottest thing to arrive from Argentina since the tango. Or at least since Malbec. It’s a grape, and a white wine, and some say it will be as popular in the United States as Pinot Grigio,” writes critic Eric Asimov in The New York Times.

That’s why we think you’re going to love this one from our friend Francisco Puga. He’s the talent behind our popular Ascencion Malbec, so he knows a thing or two about making top-notch, high-altitude wines (with the acclaim from Robert Parker and Wine Spectator to prove it).

For this thrilling 2020 Torrontés, Francisco hand harvested premium grapes from his favorite vineyards in Salta (home to Argentina’s finest Torrontés). After a gentle crush, he cool fermented wine to bring out extra aromatic complexity, and aged it for a month on its fine lees for added roundness and complexity. Give a glass to that friend who insists on only drinking Pinot Grigio and watch their face light up – it’s that crisp and refreshing.

While they’re sipping, bring up this interesting fact: Ascencion comes from Argentina’s oldest estate, which was given a new, quality-boosting lease on life thanks to investment from a prominent American wine family. It’s named after the original founder’s daughter, though the name could easily be a reference to the dizzying heights of the vineyards, situated between 5,500 and 8,200 feet up in the Andes!

Francisco’s Torrontés was made just for you to share with good friends (we recently tried it with Thai chicken satay – delicious).